Daniel Hayden

Director of Retail Operations
Copperstate Farms & Sol Flower Dispensaries

I have worked as a consultant in the application and licensing process for medical marijuana facilities. After assisting in the application phase with over 40 clients and acquiring licensure for nearly 10 clients to date, in various states, the next transition of my career in cannabis began with an opportunity in operations.

I became General Manager and minority owner of a vertically integrated Medical Marijuana company in the State of Arizona, overseeing the production of goods and services in the cultivation and dispensary operations for the company. Managing the day-to-day operations of a fully integrated supply chain is a unique challenge and opportunity at the same time.

My goal has been to ensure high levels of staff performance and customer satisfaction while creating and implementing systems including inventory controls, budgets, cost analysis, implementing new technologies, quality assurance, and supervising financial management. My analytical thinking, financial expertise, leadership, flexibility, time management, and top-level communication and reporting abilities provided me with a unique skill set for the industry. I excel in analyzing current market conditions to create long-term sustainable business models and my objective is to work with a team to create similar opportunities.

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Building assets from the ground up, or additionally strategically adding value to a portfolio of assets for increased value in the businesses, is something I truly enjoy. Establishing and creating Brands and SKUs for brands and working closely with product developers are other aspects of my current industry experience. I have developed processes and procedures for retail operations and production sites and implemented those processes into highly functional, retail revenue-generating operations and highly producing and efficient production models.

I am a native of Arizona and live in the valley with my wife and three children. I am a graduate of Arizona State University and have a B.S. in Economics and Supply Chain Management, and a Certificate in International Business.